Digitizing of Well Logs

Old geological and geophysical data are often available in paper form only. Usually, they are valuable for exploration and field development purposes. At PC&G we extract such data with care and convert them to standard digital formats by means of scanning and vectorizing.

Input data – graphic formats (JPEG, BMP, TIFF, …), paper, film

Output data –  standard data files (ASCII, LAS, …).

Well log digitization process:

  • High resolution well log scanning
  • Calibration of scanned well log
  • Semi-automatic digitization of well log
  • Quality control and manual corrections
  • Export to standard LAS format


Additional information:

  • wide variety of well logs can be digitized
  • all or selected curves can be digitized
  • all or selected log header information is read and stored in the LAS file

Digitization of well paths:

We offer also digitization and calibration of well path data, following procedure is applied:

  • well paths scanning
  • rewriting of well path data to tabular form
  • reconstruction of all necessary parameters (MD, TVD, offset, coordinates, etc.)
  • export to standard text format

See example Well path reconstruction here.