We cooperate on education of students and their preparation for praxis and we also cooperate on several research projects with following Departments of Faculty of natural sciences, Comenius university in Bratislava:

  • Department of geology and paleontology
  • Department of geochemistry
  • Department of applied and environmental geophysics
  • Department of economic geology

We focus mostly on:

  • Practical excercises in interpretation of 2-D and 3-D seismic data, well logs correlation, integration of seismic data and well data, seismic attributes analysis
  • Lectures
    • petroleum geology – source rocks, hydrocarbons generation, migration paths, reservoir rocks and hydrocarbon traps formation
    • geological aspects of conversion of hydrocarbon resorvoirs to underground gas storage (UGS)
    • applied methods in exploration of hydrocarbon reservoirs
  • Consulting
    • for Msc degree students
    • for PhD. students
  • Projects
    • basin modeling
    • sequence stratigraphy and development of depositional environments