Thermal history of the West Carpathian basins as a key to restoration of eroded units
Authors: Francu J., Milicka J., Pereszlenyi M., Safanda J., Cermak V., Sopkova B.
Workshop: Eurocores – Topo – Europe Source & Sink Workshop (Smolenice, Slovakia)
Date: April 9-12, 2011
Language: English
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Neogene basins of the Alpine-West Carpathian-Pannonian region on the territory of the Czech Republic and Slovakia include the Carpathian Foredeep (CD), Vienna Basin (VB), Danube Basin (DB) and East Slovakian (Transcarpathian) Basin (ESB). They represent important sinks of sedimentary material during the past 20 Ma. Due to lithospheric structure and dynamics the heat flow varies considerably in this region. We applied several analytical techniques tools to document thermal signature preserved in the oranic matter and minerals in the rock samples from deep exploration wells and analysed the present temperature and heat flow distribution. The measured parameters were used as calibration data for basin evolution models including burial, diagenesis, heat-transfer, uplift and erosion in the basins and the fold-and-thrust belts, which served as source of sedimentary basins transported to the sibsiding sinks.

The Carpathian Foredeep and Vienna Basin show low maturity increase with depth and represent the low heat flow system. The East Slovakian Basin is one of the highest heat flow area within the entire Pannonia basin system and at depth of 4 km organic matter reaches anthracite phase of thermal maturation. Danube Basin covers intermediate thermal regime between the VB and ESB. Several subbasins were identified with probable uplift and erosion within the “sink” areas, such as Dobra Voda Basin between the VB and DB or Trebisov area in the ESB. Significant offset is observed between the Neogene and Mesosoic or Palaeozoic, e.g. in the Danube Basin (Fig. 1) indicating considerable erosion prior to Neogene.

The present analysis of thermal history in the subsiding basins provides basis for more precise evaluation of the amplitude of uplift in the adjacent orogenic ranges of the West Carpathians.

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