Hydrocarbon potential of Northern promontories of the Pannonian Basin System in Slovakia

Authors: Milicka J., Pereszlenyi M., Nagy A.
Journal: Mineralia Slovaca
Issue: 43/4/2011
Language: English
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Link: Mineralia Slovaca

The geodynamic evolution of four Western Carpathian Neogene basins in Slovakia is presented with regard to organic maturation and hydrocarbon generation. Core samples were studied from depths up to 5300 m in the Vienna Basin, up to 3200 m in the Danube Basin and up to 4100 m in the East Slovakian part of the Trans-Carpathian Depression, and also samples from shallower wells in the South Slovakian Basin.
As geothermal conditions in these basins differ, so also does the trend in the depth maturation of organic matter. While the maturation of organic matter and corresponding conversion of kerogen to hydrocarbons takes place at the shallowest depth in the East Slovakian Neogene Basin, it occurs more deeply in the Danube Basin and at the deepest conditions in the Vienna Basin. The local geothermal condition s in individual basins exhibit differences in sedimentary organic matter maturation dependent on depth differences, mainly between their northern and southern parts. The kerogen of the South Slovakian Neogene Basin is currently in the passive maturation stage.
Different geodynamic evolution in individual basins influenced the intensity of kerogen to hydrocarbon conversion, and also the volume of generated and entrapped hydrocarbons.

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