Paleogeography of the East-Slovakian Basin
Authors: Vass D.,  Elecko M., Janocko J., Karoli S., Pereszlenyi M., Slavik J.,  Kaliciak M.
Journal: Slovak Geological Magazine (Geological Survey of Slovak Republic, Bratislava)
Issue: 6, 4(2000) 377-407
Language: English
Info: Article
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The East-Slovakian Basin is a basin with complex tectonic history determined by oblique subduction of an oceanic slab occurring between the North-European Platform and the ALCAPA plate. The basin represents an autonomous part of the Transcarpathian Basin. It extends mostly on the Slovak territory and is filled by the Neogene clastics, volcanics, caustobioliths and evaporites. Genetic type and spatial distribution of deposits varied dirung the basin evolution depending on tectonics, volcanic activity, sea level changes as well as sediment input. Spatial distribution of deposits and their sedimentary environments are displayed in maps expressing ten time slices through the Eggenburgian, Karpatian, Badenian, Sarmatian, Late Miocene and Pliocene.

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