Asymmetric lithospheric stretching in Danube Basin
Authors: Vass D., Pereszlenyi M.
Journal: Slovak Geological Magazine (Geological Survey of Slovak Republic, Bratislava)
Issue: 4, 1998, 61-74
Language: English
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Danube Basin is a thermal extensional basin which began to open at the end of the Early Miocene. The main part of the initial synrift phase occurred during the Middle Miocene and the thermal postrift phase closed the filling of the basin during the Late Miocene and Pliocene. Asymmetric stretching controlled tectonic development of the basin. In the outer zone, on the northern margin of the basin (Blatne, Risnov, Komjatice and Zeliezovce depressions) prevailed synrift subsidence. Thermal subsidence occurred in this zone only partly or it was missing. In the inner zone (in the partial Gabcikovo Basin) both phases of subsidence occurred but the synrift subsidence was relatively small. Locally some areas emerged (Kolarovo elevation). On the contrary thermal postrift subsidence was very intensive and determined deposition of several thousand meters thick deposits only slightly deformed by faults. The basin development is consistent with Coward model of heterogeneous lithosphere thinning (1986).

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