Geologic Structure and Hydrocarbon Generation in the Carpathian Flysch Belt of Southern Moravia
Authors: Krejci O., Francu J., Muller P., Pereszlenyi M., Stranik Z.
Journal: Vestnik Ceskeho geologickeho ustavu (Bulletin of the Geological Survey, Prague), current name – Bulletin of Geosciences (since 2003)
Issue: 69, 4, 1994
Language: English
Info: Article
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During the Tertiary orogeny, the Carpathian Flysch Belt was thrust over the southeastern margin of the Epivariscan North European Platform in southern Moravia. Based on geological and geophysical data the autochthonous lithostratigraphic units in the region may be divided into several tectonic blocks with different geological history and regional extent. Oil and gas source rocks occur in the Devonian to Lower Carboniferous carbonate sediments and are abundant in the autochthonous Upper Jurassic marlstones and Paleogene sediments. During the Savic and Styrian plasaes of the Alpine orogeny, the overthrust flysch nappes have buried the autochthonous litostratigraphic units to depths favourable to hydrocarbon generation.

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