Technical Papers

Following pages contain abstracts and links to technical papers which were contributed by members of our team. The papers are ranked according to date of publishing.

Tectono-sedimentary features in 3D seismic data from the Moravian part of the Vienna Basin
(Prochac R., Pereszlenyi M. and Sopkova B.)

Genesis of the brines in the south-eastern part of the Danube Basin, Slovakia
(Franko O., Pereszlenyi M., Bodis D.)

Hydrocarbon potential of Northern promontories of the Pannonian Basin System in Slovakia
(Milicka J., Pereszlenyi M., Nagy A.)

Thermal history of the West Carpathian basins as a key to restoration of eroded units
(Francu J., Milicka J., Pereszlenyi M., Safanda J., Cermak V., Sopkova B.)

Miocene tectono-sedimentary development in the Moravian part of the Vienna Basin: case study based on subsidence analysis and accomodation rates
(Sopkova B., Prochac R.)

New trends in modeling of conversion of former reservoirs to UGS and their operation in NAFTA a.s., Application of Petrel, Eclipse 100 and Terasim
(Stefanovic M., Olsovsky L., Hudecek D.)

Geology and Hydrocarbon Resources of the Inner Western Carpathians, Slovakia, and Poland
(Janocko J., Pereszlenyi M., Vass D., Bezak V., Kohut M., Polak M., Mello J., Jacko S. Jr., Jacko S.)

Lower Miocene coal measures buried by the Krupinsk√° planina Plateau volcanics (southern Slovakia)
(Vass D., Milicka J., Pereszlenyi M., Elecko M.)

Organic geochemical appraisal of hydrocarbon potential in the Presov Depression (East Slovakian Neogene Basin)
(Milicka. J, Pereszlenyi M.)

Quantitative assessment of generated hydrocarbons in the Presov Depression (East Slovakian Neogene Basin)
(Authors: Pereszlenyi M., Milicka J.)

Sedimentology and hydrocarbon habitat of the submarine-fan deposits of the Central Carpathian Paleogene Basin (NE Slovakia)
(Sotak J., Pereszlenyi M., Marschalko R., Milicka J., Starek D.)

Quantitative reconstruction of orogenic convergence in the northeast Carpathians
(Behrmann J. H., Stiasny S., Milicka J., Pereszlenyi M.)

Paleogeography of the East-Slovakian Basin
(Vass D., Elecko M., Janocko J., Karoli S., Pereszlenyi M., Slavik J., Kaliciak M.)

Asymmetric lithospheric stretching in Danube Basin
(Vass D., Pereszlenyi M.)

Organic geochemical appraisal of hydrocarbon potential in the Danube Basin, Slovakia
(Milicka J., Pereszlenyi M., Francu J., Vitalos R.)

Geologic Structure and Hydrocarbon Generation in the Carpathian Flysch Belt of Southern Moravia
(Krejci O., Francu J., Muller P., Pereszlenyi M., Stranik Z.)

Out-line of Danube basin geology
(Vass D., Pereszlenyi M., Kovac M., Kral M.)